~ If You Pray ~

Calm as the water, As hazy as the skies, As breathless as what’s right before your eyes. Soft as it’s touch, upon your heart, A memory that follows you into the dark. Sweeps through the breeze, swift and quiet. Gently it laps, and you won’t deny it. As alive as your spirit, shhh, can you hear it? It’s the subtle echo of life, beating like your heartbeat. Repetitively and gently, through the souls of your feet. It’s not running nor moving, its home’s in the spaces. The places of a past, a painter’s hand traces. Can you sense that it’s there, when you're lost in despair? Just breathe in and out, and you'll find it if you dare. Don’t be afraid, its whispers are of love. Find it in yourself and it will be enough. Satisfying and fulfilling, it’s always around. Feel it in motion to your palms on the ground. Don’t try to hold on, afraid it will go away. Love will never leave you… If you pray. Everything will be okay. I miss you. Love Jessica

Written by my daughter Jessica

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  • Barbara Wolfe