The Last Night

"The Last Night"

This painting was inspired by my heart wrenching ache to capture, on some level, the night my son physically disappeared from my world.

I belief in Astrology and saw the otherworldly relationship Dustin had with Crows - most obviously his Totem animal., one that we share.
The blood red, dripping hearts symbolize my bleeding heart for the loss of him.

There was a full moon in the night sky of February 22nd ("The Snow Moon") with Jupiter strong and sharing space. I exaggerated Jupiter in the painting as it is strong in Dustin's chart.

Dustin did not pass on the 22nd but on the 23rd at approximately 5:30am...close enough...the energies and light still strong of that full moon.

He was born April 25 1988 at 1:25am...a Taurus...
Sun - Taurus ♉
Rising - Capricorn ♑
Moon - Leo ♌
I included his three Zodiac Symbols... The planetary symbols of the day, year, time and place of him physically entering this world...

Originally I had the Zodiac symbols of his last night  incorporated in the painting as well but removed them...not sure why... I believe I have to include them again for this painting to be truly complete.

This saying was originally:
"He lost his sense of light... 
He did not make it HOME that night."  
I changed "home" to "back" because I truly believe he went HOME that night.

"He lost his sense of light...
He did not make it back that night."

This writing spoke to me as Dustin struggled with addiction  for 4 short but very long years. He got lost but kept fighting his way back to himself...This night of February 23rd he did not...

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