This painting is in honour of my younger sister Misty Dawn Munro, she was 33 when she passed away from an overdose.

She was my only family member. We were raised together, she was also an artist and her main interest was singing and music. When she signed her name she would write Misty spelled Miss-T. In the centre of the painting there is a banner, I decided to write inside it Miss-Taken, in remembrance of her. Behind the banner is the purple overdose ribbon, in the top of the ribbon is a heart with the semi-colon. The ribbon has wings and a halo that represents from addict to angel. Just to the left of the ribbon is the laughing mask, and to the right is the crying mask, done in  my own design of tribal style. There are 2 syringes and 2 pipes in the picture along with different pills, as well as the different chemical structure formulas for different street drugs.

I tried to make the image as symmetrical as I could, I did the background in black with streaks of white that remind me of warp speed off of Startrek. 

Image is 24 x18 inches

Artist bio

  • Miss-Taken
  • Brian Munro