Family portrait

The idyllic Keenan family ‘portrait’; This LED lamp is made with steam twisted (bent) wood.  The spalted maple base is representative of my mother and mother earth.  The two walnut pieces represent my older brothers, and the middle maple piece represents me.  My siblings and I are bound and protected by mother & mother earth from the precipice of certain death (as seen by the live edge base).  My two brothers add an extra layer of protection for me.  This piece shows the strength, love and protection that all families should have to help keep them safe and supported through life.  In our particular family, and many I’m sure, it is more of a best-case scenario as families fight, fall out of favour and can be pretty terrible to one another.  The idea is that we can all band together in times of serious trouble.  In reality, we often feel alone, scared and afraid to ask for help.  In my youth, I witnessed many situations involving drugs and alcohol that for the most part didn’t end in death, but there were a few.  As a first responder, I have been to many overdose calls.  Some ended well, most did not.

Artist bio

  • Family portrait
  • Andrea Keenan