Poetry: Jenny McDougall - "When did the world become so insane?"

Published 04 October 2021 in Poetry

When did the world become so insane?

GMO food, illegal to collect freaking rain!

Baby powder is sold that gives women cervical cancer,

The company is sued, but still sell it, so is that really the answer?

We build shelters for old clothing, we shelter strays,

But the people? Hell, no they chose to live that way!

Mentally ill thrown to the streets, no services for them:

They either get banned or maybe a meal to eat.

Band aids on bullet holes as we like to say,

And the Addicted?

Well people think we should just all go away.

I’m not sure why things are set up this way.

The only thing I can think is this is some sort of game

That the government plays.

We fight for what works and we pray and we pray,

We do amazing hard work every single day.

Our loved ones are dying,

More by the hour,

And yet they keep sitting and waiting

Enjoying the power.

Our lives in their hands,

And they just don’t care, what happens to me , you or him over there.

They think we are unaware.

They try to save face on the news

By saying they are doing “this and that”,

But trust me when I say

What they say on TV and what actually is,

are very very different things - On this I don’t kid.

Derelict buildings, not enough for much food, and they wouldn’t allow an OPS,

So people die in the rooms.

They say they will help, but they make it so people are fucked if they do and fucked if they don’t.

Murders and missing women and men - these crimes go unsolved,

It’s like this is a nightmare that will never end.

Sleeping outdoors in winter, so cold!

We don’t even have a cold weather shelter, whether you are young or old.

No bathrooms to use, no cheap rents,

God forbid you are sick, and all you have is a tent.

Please try to be kind

You don’t know it all.

All of us need help

And we all fall.

Some just need some help to stand tall.​