Poetry: Jenny McDougall - "Don't use alone"

Published 02 October 2021 in Poetry

We watch our children laugh and play:

Our heart swells when they learn new things,

Their laughter is around us like someone is singing.

One day they are learning to walk, and talk,

Our heart swells with pride,

The next they are gone in the blink of an eye.

Without any chance to say good bye.

How does a parent survive this loss??

Sisters, brothers, cousins and friends?

When will this policy failure fucking end?

Our hearts are broken every day,

Another loved one gone,

Passed away.

The fear is real,

I can’t sleep when my fucking friends are being buried in the deep.

When is it going to be enough for those in power

To take some action?

Instead of sending love and flowers.

Their words mean nothing.

Action is all but none.

Meanwhile this overdose crisis is not near done.

We love you,

Please be safe,

We don’t want to lose anymore of our family or friends,

Please just wait!

Don’t use alone, I beg this of you!

This is all it takes for this to be you