Blanca Scanlon-Sharpe

I work as a paramedic on the DTES and am witness to so many close to death experiences, so many needless deaths and so many experiences weaved into overdoses and addiction. It is impossible not to be affected by observing and working with our clients and witnessing the pain and suffering experienced by so many. Every day, I attempt to provide some opportunity for connection and every day, I return home and feel the staggering dichotomy of privilege.

To process the suffering and the stories, to release myself, and in hopes of practicing connection so that I may bring connection to others, I do art. Using mixed media, I focus on points of light and how even in the darkest landscapes, light comes through the cracks and presents us with the opportunity to be surprised by the effect of light. Perspective - that's what these pieces represent to me. Shifting perspectives. Allowing the light to infuse our perspective.

Instagram: @Battiegirl83